A highly experienced Design practitioner with expertise in the Japanese Intellectual Property Law fully supports customers at each and every phase strategically from design application filing to registration, envisioning future foreign design application portfolio based on JP application(s) in addition to monitoring the Japanese IP Law.

Mr. KAYANO is a highly skilled practitioner having over twenty years of experience. Technically, he collaborates with numerous patent engineers specialized in diversified technical fields and on-target protection-feature-captured design applications are fillable, thereby readily satisfying customer needs and expectations at any levels.

In an increasingly globalized world today, design rights are of increased importance domestically and worldwide. To keep up with the globalization, the Japanese Design Law was drastically revised in 2020, allowing conventionally design-protection-difficult graphic images (without involvement of articles), exterior buildings as immovable property, interior of buildings, etc. to be protected.

The Design team has been a long-time active member of the Design Committee of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) and polishes its day-to-day skills by gathering updates on appeal/court decisions for providing utmost service to customers. The team strives for heightening skill/expertise level and takes speedy and flexible actions to address domestic changes.

As with other SAKAI teams, the Design team provides high level service to customers, simplifies processes and fees to the extent possible based on affluent experience and specialist's know-how for cost savings for customers.

The SAKAI’s Design team promises to provide high quality IP service at a reasonable fee by fully utilizing the specialist's strength on all aspects from filing to design right enforcement.


Naokatsu Kayano
Naokatsu KAYANO
Chief Manger, Design Department, Sakai International Patent Office
Patent Attorney (JPO)

Mr. KAYANO was admitted to practice as Patent Attorney in Japan in 2001. Thereafter, he has been a Committee member in the JPO and the JPAA.
2015-present: Design Committee member of the JPAA
2014-2015: Chaired the Design Committee of the JPAA
2013-2015 and 2018-2019: JPO Patent Attorney Examination Committee member (Design)

As additional exemplary activities, he is a Design Law adjunct professor at prestigious art academies of SUGINO Fashion College and OCHABI Gakuin in Japan for diffusing Design Law related knowledge to young generations in Japan.

Fields of Specialization: Design (in any and all technical fields including, for example, semiconductor, electrical connector, ECU related design, image design, headphone, fitting, lighting device, and microscope)
Working Languages: Japanese, English