We currently have 10 members of staff in our China Technology Section, comprising two Chinese Attorneys-at-Law/Patent Agents, three Chinese Patent Agents, four Japanese associates–all fluent in Chinese–and one Chinese associate. We manage our clients’ intellectual property with the greatest attention to detail from both a Chinese and Japanese perspective and provide the highest standard of services with regard to intellectual property in Japan.

With the combined experience of our five Chinese Patent Agents, we are able to offer expertise in many different technical fields. We can therefore organize a team that can handle a client’s particular technology or other requirements and this mean can quickly respond with the necessary level technical understanding. We have many years of experience in the patent business and we are more than able to fully support our clients at each step along the way from filling the initial patent application to acquiring actual patent rights in Japan. Furthermore, so that communication is both fast, accurate, and stressfree, all interactions with clients can be done in Japanese, Chinese, or English .

Examples of our services:

  1. We collect and analyze prior art in order to assist in revealing our clients' inventions and we provide support in the preparation of proposals.
  2. We prepare individual specifications for our clients that are in full compliance with the Japanese Patent Act and suit the patent system in Japan. We will also conduct strict final checks to eliminate formal mistakes.
  3. When preparing an application, we use out extensive professional knowledge to adjust specifications and claims as necessary so as to minimize application-related costs while at the same time securing the maximum scope.
  4. At the filing stage, we will utilize the our complete knowledge of the Japanese patent system and cooperate with our Domestic Administrative Department to propose various way of shortening the prosecution period and improving the allowance rate.
  5. At the prosecution stage, we will keep applicants/inventors completely informed of the process and, in order to secure the desired patent scope, provide multiple solutions in response to an Examiner’s opinions.
  6. Following the acquisition of patent rights, Nobuhiro Nakayama, our senior adviser and the highest authority in the field of intellectual property in Japan, will advise on proactive measures that can be taken against possible future patent litigation.

As the global economy expands, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of protecting intellectual property on a global scale. However, it is most important and extremely difficult to navigate through the different intellectual property protection systems of each country. This navigation is particular hard in Japan because intellectual property related law is frequently revised. We provide the best service to our domestic and overseas clients and we are highly responsive to our clients’ needs. We are constantly conducting training to improve our expert knowledge, which in turn improves the quality of our work and enables us to respond promptly and flexibly to changes in any situation. By making full use of our deep experience and expertise, we strive to provide clients with the very best service as well as aiming to reduce costs and simplify processes as much possible. In addition to setting optimal plans for each client, we will not only minimize expenses but also push to obtain better rights earlier and faster.

Most of our clients, both domestic and overseas, are leading companies, and we have received high praise for the projects on which we have worked. Furthermore, we received industry awards and have been honored more than once for being the best patent law firm in Japan. In addition, we have a strong emphasis on academic research, producing various general and business courses and publishing books on intellectual property in several countries.

We are located in the political and economic center of Tokyo. Our head office is convenient for transportation, and it is only three minutes on foot from the Japan Patent Office, so we are perfectly located for conducting interviews with Examiners. By fully utilizing what is written above, we can demonstrate our strength in all aspects of Intellectual Property from patent application to exercising patent rights and beyond while at the same time providing a high-quality service at a reasonable cost to domestic and foreign clients.


Jiang Yu
Jiang Yu
Manager of Technical Department-China
Attorney At Law (China), Patent Attorney (China)

Under her leadership as department head, her team provides the highest quality intellectual property services. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Japanese in 1999, Ms. Yu relocated to Japan to further her education. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in information science, she held a position at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) for two years, where she conducted research into virtual reality. Her experience as a researcher sparked her interest in intellectual property. Since entering the IP industry in 2004, Ms. Yu has obtained extensive experience in application drafting, translation, Office Actions, patent invalidation, patent litigation and other aspect of intellectual property.

Fields of Specialization: electronics, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, and automobiles
Working Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, and English

Mao Qicheng
Mao Qicheng
Deputy Manager of Technical Department-China
Attorney at Law (China), Patent Attorney (China)

Mr. Mao attended Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, majoring in communication engineering. He then obtained his master’s degree from the University of Mie in 2002. He then went on to work for a major Japanese automobile manufacturer from 2002 to 2007 as an engineer specializing in automobile regulation compliance. He has been working at this patent firm since 2007. He is engaged in the preparation and translation of patent related documents, patent prosecution, and patent infringement analysis. He has also accumulated considerable knowledge concerning patent infringement and patent invalidation through his participation in patent litigation as an attorney.

Fields of Specialization: telecommunications, automobiles, networks, and mechanical engineering
Working Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, and English

Chun Wang
Patent Attorney (China)

Mr. Wang is always keen to increase his knowledge and improve his skills. He obtained his bachelor of science degree in biology from Peking University in 2007. He started his career at an intellectual property agency after graduation, and while he was there he realized that he had found the right career for himself. At the agency, he gained experience in the preparation and prosecution of Chinese patent applications for both Chinese and non-Chinese clients. In 2011, he became a patent attorney in China. After working in China, he came to Japan in 2013 to conduct research into intellectual property law, to fill in gaps in his legal knowledge, and for his own personal development. He obtained his master of laws degree in civil law from Keio University in 2016. After his graduation, he joined Sakai International Patent Office, marking his return to employment in the intellectual property industry. Currently, he is engaged in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications filed in China by Japanese clients.

Fields of Specialization: biotechnology, medicine, and chemicals
Working Languages: Chinese, Japanese, and English

Wei Luo
Patent Attorney (China)

Ms. Luo completed her bachelor of engineering degree at Tsinghua University in 2005, majoring in electronics. After a period working in the IP profession, she obtained a master’s degree in IP law from the Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) in 2016. In 2008, she joined China Sinda Intellectual Property Co., Ltd., and later moved to P.C. & Associates IP Law Firm, where her work included translating and drafting of specifications, Office Action responses, validation analysis, and infringement litigation support. She has extensive experience in a diverse range of technical areas, including semiconductor technology, consumer electronics, and computer software. During her time at OIT, which began in 2013, she acquired a good knowledge of Japanese IP Law and sharpened her understanding of patent systems. In addition, she furthered her understanding of American patent law and practice through her participation in the 2015 CASRIP summer intensive course. Her participation was funded by a scholarship provided by OIT.

Fields of Specialization: semiconductors, electronics, software, control systems and consumer products
Working Languages: Chinese, Japanese, and English

Xingyu Shen
Chinese Patent Attorney

Mr. Shen obtained a master of engineering degree from Tsukuba University in 2012. He then worked as a CAD drafter at a patent office. He joined Sakai International Patent Office in 2016 and passed the Chinese patent attorney examination in 2017.

Fields of Specialization: mechanical engineering and photonic crystal technology
Working Languages: Chinese, Japanese, English and Korean.